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  • A ton of technical information and discussions surrounding the Nissan S15 200SX/Silvia.
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We're are a bunch of enthusiasts from Melbourne Australia - However our members come from everywhere and we don't discriminate on make/model - So even if you don't have an S15 or aren't from Melbourne - We welcome you to come say hello!

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Out of stock

MelbS15 Mega Pack

1x Clear Logo Sticker
1x Black Logo Sticker
1x Vinyl URL Sticker
1x Vinyl Simple Sticker
1x Small Triple Pack
1x Lanyard

See individual descriptions for more detailed information.


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Black Lanyard

20mm wide lanyard with the two MelbS15 logos printed doubled sided in white and red. Approx 550mm long.

Logo's are screen printed on both sides of the lanyard.
Release clip to separate trigger section from loop.
Trigger clip for keys, cards, whatever!


Out of stock

Logo Sticker (Black) x2

158mm wide by 64mm tall.

2 pack.

Digitally printed MelbS15 logo in black, on white vinyl


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Logo Sticker (Clear) x2

158mm wide by 64mm tall.

Digitally printed MelbS15 logo on clear vinyl.

2 pack

As this is printed on clear vinyl there is a translucent effect on the sticker. Not recommended for dark backgrounds or windows unless you want the stealth effect!


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Logo Stickers (Small Triple Pack)

~60mm wide by ~30mm tall.
Digitally printed MelbS15 logo - comes in a pack of three:
1x Clear
1x White
1x Black


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Simple Logo Sticker (Vinyl Cut) x2

158mm wide by 64mm tall.

2 pack
Computer cut MelbS15 'simple' lightning bolt sticker in white vinyl.


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URL Sticker (Vinyl Cut)

180mm wide by 41mm tall.
Computer cut MelbS15 'URL' text sticker in white, silver and red vinyl.
Note that these are 20mm SMALLER than the original run of URL stickers :)


Out of stock

Logo Sticker (3 colour Vinyl Cut)

158mm wide by 64mm tall.

Computer cut MelbS15 logo lightning bolt sticker in white, silver and red vinyl.

Limited! Only 10 of these ordered in - We have switched to digital print stickers as they are way more durable than these (As the tip's can only have so much surface area for adhesive, so be careful when washing)

Please follow application instructions.